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EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY $1 Double Loader washers and $1 off all large washers!!!!

Keeping Omaha Clean One Wash at a Time!!!   TUESDAY AND THURSDAY SPECIAL!  $1 Double Load washers and $1 off all large washers!!!!  WEDNESDAY SPECIAL FREE DRY!!!  ALL 3 AND 4.5 LOAD DRYERS FREE ALL DAY WHEN YOU WASH!  Good at 25th and Leavenworth and 33rd and California locations.

Discount Laundry's clean, well-lit facilities are stocked with quality Maytag and Speed Queen laundry equipment.  Our three large locations have you covered with up to 60 lb washers and 75 lb dryers.  That's 6 loads in one washer or dryer.  Our smaller locations have up to 35 lb washers.   Discount Laundry services the Metropolitian Omaha/Council Bluffs area with 5 stores across Omaha and Carter Lake.

Discount Laundry is Green!  Our modern high extraction equipment spin at up to 300 G Force RPM requiring less water and providing shorter, less expensive drying times conserving water and power needs. 

Same Day/Next Day Drop Off Service

Too busy to stay and get the laundry done? Not interested in spending your time sorting whites from darks and folding laundry? Your problem is solved!

Discount Laundry offers a drop off service so you can drop of your laundry and let us do the work for you! Same day and next day drop-off service is available which is perfect for busy families and commercial customers. We wash, dry, and fold your clothes. Just drop them off and leave the rest to us. Our service is easy, affordable, and convenient!

Too busy to drop off and pick up????  Discount Laundry provides pick up and drop off service at home or work plus convenient monthly billing. 

Commercial Accounts

Discount Laundry is your number one resource for all your commercial laundry and linen needs.  We currently provide service to hotels, spas, medical offices, retailers, and restaurants across Omaha.  Call us to see how we can help you save money on your Napkin and Linen rental bills. 

Our drop off service is GREAT for:

• Travelers   • Busy families   • Sports teams   • Construction workers

Help Your Community Today - Go Green Facts – Water Conservation in Self-Service Laundries

  • Using self-service laundries greatly reduces the overall level of water consumption in your community.
  • Home washing machines typically consume 30-40 gallons of water per wash load or 2.5 to 3.0 gallons per pound of clothes laundered.  High-efficiency commercial clothes washers found in self-service laundries typically use as little as 0.5 to 1.5 gallons of water per pound of clothes laundered.
  • Commercial clothes washers are designed by manufacturers to deliver superior washing results while consuming the absolute minimum volume of water.
  • Utilities are the single greatest expense for the operation of self-service laundries.  Laundry owners are driven by profitability to install the most efficient equipment possible for their customers.
  • By washing clothes at the local Laundromat, residents in drought-stricken areas wills save at least half of the water they would typically use at home.
  • The average coin laundry saves their community millions of gallons of water over the course of a year.
  • Further water-savings are achieved in self-service laundries as consumers launder full loads of clothes, whereas home launderers tend to under load washers and unnecessarily waste water.
  • Typical self-serve laundries present even greater water savings by offering large-capacity washers that can wash multiple loads of laundry at a fraction of the water consumption.  Most stores have washers as large as a 50lb. Capacity which enables customers to launder four to five loads in a single machine.
  • As part of an overall energy conservation plan, the national Coin Laundry Association educates its members to alert customers to the benefits of using commercial equipment to reduce water and sewer demands.
  • Self-service laundries provide a basic public health service to the community. The coin laundry industry serves many of the lower income residents who cannot afford to own and operate their own washers and dryers.
  • During times of water shortage and drought, self-service laundries are a significant way for communities to conserve water.

Coin Operated Self Service Laundry

While washing and drying your clothes, sit down and relax at Discount Laundry. Most locations have snack and soda vending machines, video games, cable TV, even Free Wireless Internet to help the time go by. If you live in nearby apartment complexes where you only have access to a small laundry room where doing laundry can be an all day event, come to Discount Laundry and get it done quickly.

  • If you manage a sports team that is in a tournament and you need clean uniforms between games, you have found your resource. With all the machines available, you can do it all at once or we can handle for you.
  • Traveling to the Omaha, NE area and need laundry facilities? Come visit Discount Laundry.  We have locations near all the downtown hotels and offer pick up and delivery. 
  • Doing some Spring cleaning? Need to wash those large sleeping bags, curtains, comforters, and blankets? Do not risk such heavy loads in your home washer. Come use our large capacity professional washers and dryers and do the job right!
  • Do you have a construction worker in your family? Do not risk damaging your home washer and dryer with those dirty and oily work clothes.

Soap, bleach, and fabric softener are available in a coin operated vending machine.

Discount Laundry features several advantages for your laundry needs:

  • Large Capacity Washers
  • Large Capacity Dryers
  • Highly Efficient Washers and Dryers
  • Well-lit and CLEAN facilities
  • Reliable Maytag washers and dryers
  • Supplies on hand (soap, bleach, fabric softener)
  • Full service wash/dry/fold drop off service
  • Coin operated (change machines on site)
  • Soda machine, snack machine, video games, cable TV, Wireless Internet.
  • Fully staffed

Are you planning a trip to the Omaha area? Don't waste your vacation doing laundry.
Bring it to Discount Laundry and use our professional machines to get the job done right and quickly.
Or, drop off your articles and stop by later to pick up your clean folded laundry!

Discount Laundry is licensed, bonded, and insured.


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